Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Web Shop + Summer Discount

Introducing the DC Power Stilts Web Shop. You could sign up for an all inclusive lesson, or browse and "Window shop" while browsing the site. (Your shopping basket will stay on the site until you are ready to place the order.) Online ordering through Google checkout ensures your security. (or if you prefer, you may pay by cash/check at in-person deliveries.)

Also... there's currently a $20 Summer sale! You can even double-up for a $40 discount when ordering stilts+lesson at the same time. Along with the option of zero shipping cost, its the best deal on the web right now.

Can I Buy The Classic Stilts and Upgrade Later?

There were a couple of questions about starting with the classic stilts, and upgrading the hardware later. It's a great idea as the upgrade path will give you the same comfort and support as the advanced stilts for around the same price, but with less cost up front. Since replacement service is performed free for Customers, this upgrade option is close to hassle-free. For upgrade options (and an interesting schematic of the hardware), see our Upgrades Kits.

Welcome to Bocking!

I want to say thank you for your interest and participation. But mostly, I want to show you your videos and photos. We now have a Flickr photostream and a Youtube video page... please check out your photos and add your comments. I'm especially interested in your ideas for photo titles, so please drop by and put in any suggestions. Also, don't forget to Friend or subscribe to us.

Tell your Friends

You've seen how fun power stilts are to try... now forward this link to your friends who might like to try it! I will be doing more free try-outs and want people to get on the tryout list so they know when and where to find me. Even better, come out with your friends so you can take photos and video while your friends learn to walk again.

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