Saturday, November 27, 2010

DCpowerstilts meet the XD Bockers

We had a great meet up in Savannah, Georgia with David from DCpowerstilts and all the local members of the XD Bockers. Josie, Doug, Kathleen, and DJ were all able to join David and Anne-marie

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 2010 Newsletter - Awesome Halloween Ideas

October 2010 Newsletter - Don't Fall Autumn Edition

Happy October! Insanely hot, Summer days are now in the past. Crisp, cool days are perfect for stepping out on your power stilts. Some thoughts and ideas for the season:

Halloween is coming up...
Costume time! How about blowing them all away by adding some stilts... Some costume ideas that work great with power stilts: Burner, Stilt Showgirl, Satyr, SciFi Punk, Parade Jester, Uncle Sam, Demon, Angel, Cheerleader, creature, alien, etc. (Click links to see photo ideas) You'll want to get your stilts ASAP if you don't already have a pair because you will need time to practice.

Remember Stilting over the Summer in DC?
Commemorate and show off your unique skills with a DC-themed "Capital Bocking USA" wicking, active performance shirt. The all-American design is perfect for showing your patriotic during this election season as well. Show off your patriotic red, white & blue for just $28.
(Limited supply, so order soon to ensure you can get one in your size.)

New: Private Event Try-out lessons
DC Power Stilts is equipped to provide try-out lessons for your next event. Over fifty try-out lessons were given at a big opening party put on by the famous PinkLine Project. Let me know if your event needs an interactive component that will make a big splash!

If Autumn leads to a Fall...
Safety gear is so important that DC Power Stilts now carries high-end Triple-Eight Saver Series Protective Gear, and Viking Skate Helmets. Although hard falling is unusual, wearing these cool pads every time further minimizes your risks. Wrist protection is extremely important so I am testing top-of-the-line Triple-Eight "Hired Hands" wrist protection (pictured right). Seems to me keeping your hands safe is worth the $40. Let us know if you would be interested in a pair.

5-Star Service
Customers love us, and we strive to provide consistent 5-star service! Our goal is to offer quality goods at fair prices and upfront shipping rates to anywhere in the continental USA. We also offer free customer pickup.
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Upcoming Meetup: Rally to Restore Sanity / Keep Fear Alive
October 30 - National Mall, Washington, DC
What happens when political comedians get together to put on a huge show in the middle of Washington DC? No one knows since it's never been done... Lets attend on stilts!
> Let me know if you would like to join us.

Upcoming Meetups: XD Bockers (DC Power Stilts Affiliate)
Weekly - Savannah, Georgia
> Learn More

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Tips: Springs Break In Period

Powerbocking Tips and Advice:
New Poweriser spring break in period

When you have either first strapped on your brand new set of Jumping Stilts. Or have recently replaced your springs. You'll notice that the spring is stiff and slightly difficult to compress. For a Newbie this is something you won't be able to tell the difference on. But for an experienced user, you'll notice that you won't even get any give in the spring at all.

This is simply due to the way springs are made. Over time the fiberglass in side begins to break down resulting in a softer and more responsive feel.

New users will need to use this period to work on mostly walking, and light running. Try simple Pogo Jumps and Bounces on the spring for a while. Typically about the time you get the basics down your springs will have "broken in" and you'll get the response you need out of them.

A good way to spot Unbroken in Springs against a Broken in Springs is when you wear them. Broken in springs will bounce ever so slightly as you walk. Unbroken in springs will stay stiff as a board and not move at all.

For experienced users it's best to break your springs in by first walking around for a couple minutes. Adjust yourself to the feeling you've almost forgotten about from when you were a newbie. Do a small jump. Walk a bit, and begin jumping more and more.

Springs break down quickest after being nearly bottomed out constantly. Just take it slow and you'll find that you've broken your spring in after only a couple sessions.

Tip: Try a bunch of set ups. Run into a jump, launch yourself from one foot. Land hard utilizing your arms to help bottom. Keep going until you've nearly bottomed about three times.

Mix those up with some hard pogo jumps. Be sure to use both legs equally to keep wear even on both springs.

Remember! If this seems like hard or annoying work. Think of it this way. You're burning a bunch of calories! An average adult will burn nearly 300 calories in 15 minutes of jumping.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bock Report: Take a Kid Fishing

A couple weeks back the XD Bockers of Savannah, Georgia. Attended a charity event for the Children's Miracle Network. Two Local Members showed up, as well as a guest from the Midwest portion of our group.

Savannah Now a local paper highlighted the fundraiser with a notice towards us in it.

Fishing wasn't the only activity of the day at The Farm. D.J. Bothwell entertained the crowd by doing stunts on his power stilts,

"I saw people doing this on YouTube," Bothwell said. "I started a club in Savannah and I teach people how to do this. I'm here today entertaining the kids."

Bothwell was getting mixed reactions. The kids were delighted, the parents - not so much.

"Some of the kids ask about it, and their parents tell them, 'It's not for kids,'" Bothwell said. "I say, 'Well, actually, it is,' and the parents say, 'No, it isn't.'"

The leaps and somersaults were certainly impressive, and even just running, it was obvious Bothwell was having fun. "It's a full body workout," he said. "I don't think of it as exercise when I'm doing it. It's a lot of fun and you get a good workout as a benefit."

You can view the entire article Here. The online article doesn't have any pictures of us. But the printed paper has a picture of DJ landing from a jump.

Friday, May 28, 2010

You're Invited to go Stilting

May 2010 - Spring into Summer!

Yes, its soon going to be a fabulous day to go stilting. Whether you're doing jumps in your local park, running around town, or going going for a hike in the country, power stilts are a fun, aerobic way to actively enjoy a lovely day.

Get Into It!
If you have been waiting to try it, now is a great time. What is it all about? Some of the latest activities have been posted about below on the Powerbocking Blog. It's easy to sign up for a free try-out lesson.

Connect With --or Become-- An Affiliate
DC Power Stilts believes that you should be able to connect with us at a local level. That is why I support a network of affiliates all across the country who are promoting the sport, having some fun and even earning cash. Affiliates want to help you learn more about the sport.

We are looking for people who want to organize groups, make friends, and have fun on stilts. DC Power Stilts Affiliates get generous commissions, special benefits, and unbeatable prices on gear. A new online affiliate management site even makes it easy to create tracking codes, track earnings and measure your success in real-time when a customer enters your codes.
> Find an affiliate
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You're Invited to Attend: Capital Bocking USA 2010
Friday, June 25- Sunday, June 27
Last year's largest meet-up event in the USA was featured in the Washington Post and other news. This year it looks like it is continuing to grow. Join with experts on stilts from across the country in Washington DC, leaping, bounding and performing acrobatics in our iconic city. We'll have several events that will include various challenges, for an enjoyable weekend of powerbocking. Suitable for beginners who have their own stilts and can walk on them unassisted.

Last year's comments: "150% fun", "learned alot", "don't hesitate to come!"
> Hurry! Pre-order the shirt for just $20, ($30 after June 3rd)!
> Learn more + RSVP today

Get Outfitted With Our 5-Star Service
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Upcoming Meetup: Stiltwerks Annual Bock Off
June 18-20 - Las Vegas, Nevada
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Upcoming Meetups: XD Bockers (DC Power Stilts Affiliate)
Weekly - Savannah, Georgia
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Safety Note:
First-Generation PowerStrider Olympic Stilts came with a clamp screw and wing nut that easily becomes stripped. Stripped clamp screws will negatively affect the performance of the cuff. PowerStrider will replace this part for affected Customers.
> Notice on the Powerbocking Blog
> Contact PowerStrider

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Safety Bulletin: PowerStrider Olympics

The new generation of the PowerStrider Olmpic Stilts comes with an innovative cuff clamp. However the first design included wing-nuts which will strip the threads of the screw. When this happens, the cuff may loosen up and slip while in use.

Since this problem can manifest itself while the stilts are in use, please be on the lookout for stripped screws and if your stilts came with a wing-nut, contact PowerStrider USA about getting a free replacement under the warranty program.

Note that the current version of the product comes with upgraded parts already.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Mondays Meet

On Monday April 26th 2010. The XD Bockers had another meet up in Savannah, Georgia. Our local official members Doug, and Josie turned out for the event. So in total there was three bockers up off the ground.

We drew a rather large crowd by Forsyth Parks Fountain. We performed various tricks, and answered tons of questions.

Before the big crowd hit however. A Local photographer from Dream Weaver Photos captured these pictures of yours truly.

The pictures were taken both by the fountain, and over on the stage. Overall the meet was fun. After the photos, the crowd. The three of us ran and walked all the way to the end of the park before stopping for the day. Which itself is likely a quarter mile or longer.

We'd love to have more people to join us. So don't forget, try outs are available here in Georgia!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Try outs with the XD Bockers

We've had a great few weeks here in Savannah, Georgia. The XD Bockers have held weekly try outs and powerbocking meet ups. Where we have taught many interested individuals how to walk, and to start them on there way into the powerbocking world.

On one weekend, Tancy came out and tried out walking. She ended up snapping a picture of myself, and Doug before she left.

Doug gave a walking lesson to Erica. After just a little while she was up and going on her own. See it IS easy!

Finally, today at our most recent meet. We captured this video (from stilt height!) of another person learning to walk.

Overall we've had dozens of try outs, and hours of our own time out on powerstilts showing off for the crowds and answering questions. If you're local to Savannah, Georgia we encourage you to come out and give it a try!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Picnic and Tryout on 3/14

On Sunday March 14th. The XD Bockers held a surprise try out and picnic meet up. At Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia. It was a nice day out. So our aim was to introduce a lot of new people to the joys of Powerbocking, and to eat some food afterwards. We meet up at around 2 and kept the walking lessons, and fun going until close to 4:30. Afterwards we went inside for a nerdy table top game. (Last Night on Earth!)

First up we had Jason. He took to them quite well after a good ten minutes. He spent a lot of his time making mech warrior sound effects.

While Jason was walking on his own, we had Chris up trying it out.

Then Matt went and took his turn.

Matt did extremely well also!

Here we had Henry up on Stilts. He managed to get the hang of it after only a few short minutes!

Then Sam and a couple other people tried it out. Though the other pictures didn't turn out well, here's sam!

At some random point though. DJ stopped giving lessons and did a short demo.

Josie decided to join in as well.

Overall everyone had a blast. To view the entire photo album from Sunday. Please view the XD Bockers Group Photo Album.

If you're local and would like to attend another one of our events. Please join our facebook group. We'll be doing events weekly!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Try outs available in Georgia

Previously your local Davenport, Iowa affiliate here. I have recently moved to Savannah, Georgia and will now be available to help anyone local. If you would still like contact with a powerbocker in the Midwest please contact me and I will forward you to a Midwest member of the XD Bockers.

For any interested in seeing Powerstilts in action. Either to try out yourself(Please bring your own pads unless you don't mind borrowing mine!), or to just watch another person using them. Please head to our Groups Facebook page or look of for semi-announcements here. We will be hosting try outs, and more weekly in Forsyth Park. Pssst, click that link for a virtual tour of the park.

Hope to see you out there!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Testing and PowerStrider Olympic Model

Larry (DC Power Stilts Affiliate) and Tyler perform a simultaneous test of PowerStrider Olympic - Aluminum comparing both the cz60-Al and cz110-Al springs.

Most comparisons relate the new model to the well regarded Poweriser Advanced stilts which we all have used extensively in the past.

Pluses we found:

  • The lighter weight made a big improvement in control for both pairs of stilts, especially while in the air, and they try to do tricks

  • The new cuff clamp quick clip is very nice. It took only 5 minutes to attach the cuffs and get them fitted properly. Our stilts also shipped with Knee bars as an option.

  • Performance was smooth and responsive: both sets of springs flex and easily achieve 3ft jumps with little effort compared to the Poweriser Springs.

  • Frames performed nicely smooth operation, with no noise at all. With this new design, any clack sound heard by other models of stilts is a thing of the past. The reduction of noise makes it nicer for people nearby and more comfortable to use stlts in indoor spaces.

  • Due to the design, both users were able to get much higher over all in jumps, and better response from both weight class springs. Standing height was tad higher. Tyler easily cleared the 6 ft mark on his 110 set. Larry was too light even for 60 set but he still managed to flex the springs fine, and got to a 4 ft height

  • Both the frames and springs held up well from dozens of hours of usage.

Minuses and Suggestions:

  • Plastic Buckles - Once tight they held up fine, although to improve them, they should make them with metal parts. If you push hard down on them while you ratchet them tight, they do work.

  • Stilts do not have a stopper - when bottoming out occurs, it can cause a hit hard enough to put a small dent, and chip mark, in the support tube. We suggest keeping within the limits of the spring range and adding a rubber stopper to prevent this damage.

  • Spring Protection - Factory supplied rubber coating, or Tape would improve this model. In the meantime, we suggest you apply your own tape to protect the spring.

  • Bolts and Screws - Frequently check the bolts and screws because it works loose over time. We suggest applying lock-tite to reduce this tendancy. Another caveat is that screw heads are soft and will become stripped with automatic tools.

Bottom Line
Overall they both loved this new setup, especially the lighter overall stilts weight, and over all more responsive design. The PowerStrider Olympic - Aluminum stilts are a decent quality product, suitable for pretty much anyone looking for a pair of power stilts.

Testing notes:
  • Normal usage such as jumping and running
    Testing immediately revealed a faulty PowerStrider Spring on the 60KG set. It had red marks on it that showed small cracks from the factory. (Warranty replacement springs were tested and performed fine.)

  • Over-powering the stilts to see how the PowerStrider spring would respond
    Springs did not suddenly crack, which indicates a safe and gradual wearing of the springs, rather than an unsafe and sudden snap.

    Also it was noted, with the over power and over the max weight issue, that the support tube can give and twist some causing frame damage too, if the spring was not able to support the users full weight and power. The frame and spring held fine, no noise or weakness in the spring was found later on after this test.

  • Under-Powering stilts to test "responsiveness"
    Both users found these Springs to be very responsive compared to the older model of Poweriser springs

  • Assembly and dis-assembly for routine maintenance
    Soft screw heads used were easy to strip. We suggest carefully using non-electric tools on the stilts.

  • Testing routine hardware adjustments
    If the mounting hardware is tightened, be careful not to over tighten the support tube hardware, or the spring mounting hardware, as this can bind the frame, or even crack a spring

  • Wear and Tear performance over time
    Loosening of parts means that users should frequently check all fasteners, nuts and bolts and maybe even use Blue lock tight on then all to make sure they stay secure!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poweriser Kids Still in Short Supply

The January Shipment came in and I was able to fulfill all of the pre-orders that have come in since Mid-December. Poweriser Kids Stilts in the USA are still in short supply, due to the US Importer not being able to get them. We are out of Red stilts for now ...

But we have a few pairs of Poweriser Kids 3050 in Blue that are ready to ship. Get your order in pronto for next business day delivery.

The factory has been ramping up production again, so we expect our early Spring shipment to be generous enough to help everyone looking at a pair of Poweriser Springs in time for spring stilts season.

On another note, the prices are about to increase on the kids stilts due to the increased cost of Aluminum raw materials. Still cost is nicely under $200.

I assume this price increase is going to affect most stilt manufacturers.

Poweriser Authorised USA Dealership PowerStrider Authorised USA Dealership
jumping stilts and spring stilts