Friday, May 28, 2010

You're Invited to go Stilting

May 2010 - Spring into Summer!

Yes, its soon going to be a fabulous day to go stilting. Whether you're doing jumps in your local park, running around town, or going going for a hike in the country, power stilts are a fun, aerobic way to actively enjoy a lovely day.

Get Into It!
If you have been waiting to try it, now is a great time. What is it all about? Some of the latest activities have been posted about below on the Powerbocking Blog. It's easy to sign up for a free try-out lesson.

Connect With --or Become-- An Affiliate
DC Power Stilts believes that you should be able to connect with us at a local level. That is why I support a network of affiliates all across the country who are promoting the sport, having some fun and even earning cash. Affiliates want to help you learn more about the sport.

We are looking for people who want to organize groups, make friends, and have fun on stilts. DC Power Stilts Affiliates get generous commissions, special benefits, and unbeatable prices on gear. A new online affiliate management site even makes it easy to create tracking codes, track earnings and measure your success in real-time when a customer enters your codes.
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You're Invited to Attend: Capital Bocking USA 2010
Friday, June 25- Sunday, June 27
Last year's largest meet-up event in the USA was featured in the Washington Post and other news. This year it looks like it is continuing to grow. Join with experts on stilts from across the country in Washington DC, leaping, bounding and performing acrobatics in our iconic city. We'll have several events that will include various challenges, for an enjoyable weekend of powerbocking. Suitable for beginners who have their own stilts and can walk on them unassisted.

Last year's comments: "150% fun", "learned alot", "don't hesitate to come!"
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Upcoming Meetup: Stiltwerks Annual Bock Off
June 18-20 - Las Vegas, Nevada
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Upcoming Meetups: XD Bockers (DC Power Stilts Affiliate)
Weekly - Savannah, Georgia
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Safety Note:
First-Generation PowerStrider Olympic Stilts came with a clamp screw and wing nut that easily becomes stripped. Stripped clamp screws will negatively affect the performance of the cuff. PowerStrider will replace this part for affected Customers.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Safety Bulletin: PowerStrider Olympics

The new generation of the PowerStrider Olmpic Stilts comes with an innovative cuff clamp. However the first design included wing-nuts which will strip the threads of the screw. When this happens, the cuff may loosen up and slip while in use.

Since this problem can manifest itself while the stilts are in use, please be on the lookout for stripped screws and if your stilts came with a wing-nut, contact PowerStrider USA about getting a free replacement under the warranty program.

Note that the current version of the product comes with upgraded parts already.

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