Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 2010 Newsletter - Awesome Halloween Ideas

October 2010 Newsletter - Don't Fall Autumn Edition

Happy October! Insanely hot, Summer days are now in the past. Crisp, cool days are perfect for stepping out on your power stilts. Some thoughts and ideas for the season:

Halloween is coming up...
Costume time! How about blowing them all away by adding some stilts... Some costume ideas that work great with power stilts: Burner, Stilt Showgirl, Satyr, SciFi Punk, Parade Jester, Uncle Sam, Demon, Angel, Cheerleader, creature, alien, etc. (Click links to see photo ideas) You'll want to get your stilts ASAP if you don't already have a pair because you will need time to practice.

Remember Stilting over the Summer in DC?
Commemorate and show off your unique skills with a DC-themed "Capital Bocking USA" wicking, active performance shirt. The all-American design is perfect for showing your patriotic during this election season as well. Show off your patriotic red, white & blue for just $28.
(Limited supply, so order soon to ensure you can get one in your size.)

New: Private Event Try-out lessons
DC Power Stilts is equipped to provide try-out lessons for your next event. Over fifty try-out lessons were given at a big opening party put on by the famous PinkLine Project. Let me know if your event needs an interactive component that will make a big splash!

If Autumn leads to a Fall...
Safety gear is so important that DC Power Stilts now carries high-end Triple-Eight Saver Series Protective Gear, and Viking Skate Helmets. Although hard falling is unusual, wearing these cool pads every time further minimizes your risks. Wrist protection is extremely important so I am testing top-of-the-line Triple-Eight "Hired Hands" wrist protection (pictured right). Seems to me keeping your hands safe is worth the $40. Let us know if you would be interested in a pair.

5-Star Service
Customers love us, and we strive to provide consistent 5-star service! Our goal is to offer quality goods at fair prices and upfront shipping rates to anywhere in the continental USA. We also offer free customer pickup.
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Upcoming Meetup: Rally to Restore Sanity / Keep Fear Alive
October 30 - National Mall, Washington, DC
What happens when political comedians get together to put on a huge show in the middle of Washington DC? No one knows since it's never been done... Lets attend on stilts!
> Let me know if you would like to join us.

Upcoming Meetups: XD Bockers (DC Power Stilts Affiliate)
Weekly - Savannah, Georgia
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