Friday, March 20, 2009

New: Become a DC Power Stilts Affiliate!

DC Power Stilts is currently seeking people who love bocking and enjoy sharing the fun with their friends and communities to join our new affiliate program.

Earn while Powerbocking
There are many benefits, but the main things are that you get paid, you get discounts, and you can give discounts to others. All you have to do is promote the sport, show off your power stilts and tell the people in your community about a professional, bocker-run, bocking business. When a DC Power Stilts customer uses your code, you earn a commission fee.

Build up a community or start a team
The affiliate program is a great way to help your friends or your team get discounts and affiliation with DC Power Stilts opens the door to working together for programs and events that will build up your community so you can enjoy bocking with others.

Click here to learn more about the program and how to apply

(You must be 18+ or have your parent's permission to join the program)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google: More Fees Coming

Just got a note today saying that Google is planning to up the online transaction fees on all small businesses by 50%. After going through the process of programming them into the DC Power Stilts Web Shop, this unexpected change is going to take more off-the-top.

All I need to do to keep the current transaction rate is to process $100,000 worth of business per month.

Lucky for you, I'm a nice guy, and I'm not planning to up prices over this... but if you want to help, get your orders in by April 30, before the fees go up. Thanks :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beautiful Bocking Weekend

Wow! Saturday and Sunday with nice 70 degree weather in Washington DC. AKA two great days for bocking :-) Yesterday, here in Friendship Heights, I demonstrated the power stilts and taught a doctor to have a higher perspective. Today I worked on a video project for the National Parks and Recreation Magazine, and then met up with a friend in Dupont Circle. Since he was running a little late, I decided to get some exercise and bock around for a bit. I was pretty thirsty from the video project, but I had a Gatorade stashed in my car. However, Just as I finished putting on my stilts, a Red Bull truck pulled up with free samples... It was fun. As my friend and I headed to brickskeller for a brew, I was putting something in my car when I ran into a fellow who had just finished dinner with a bottle of wine, and wanted an impromptu lesson.

After a brief lesson on my demo stilts (originally $499), he taught me & my friend how to use his $5000 Segway. I think we need to have a power stilts vs segway polo match. Amazing device, but I'll take ten pairs of stilts and some excersize with my transportation. Bocking was enjoyed and hopefuly a few more people can say they have seen power stilts in action. Thank you beautiful weekend :-)

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