Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Testing and PowerStrider Olympic Model

Larry (DC Power Stilts Affiliate) and Tyler perform a simultaneous test of PowerStrider Olympic - Aluminum comparing both the cz60-Al and cz110-Al springs.

Most comparisons relate the new model to the well regarded Poweriser Advanced stilts which we all have used extensively in the past.

Pluses we found:

  • The lighter weight made a big improvement in control for both pairs of stilts, especially while in the air, and they try to do tricks

  • The new cuff clamp quick clip is very nice. It took only 5 minutes to attach the cuffs and get them fitted properly. Our stilts also shipped with Knee bars as an option.

  • Performance was smooth and responsive: both sets of springs flex and easily achieve 3ft jumps with little effort compared to the Poweriser Springs.

  • Frames performed nicely smooth operation, with no noise at all. With this new design, any clack sound heard by other models of stilts is a thing of the past. The reduction of noise makes it nicer for people nearby and more comfortable to use stlts in indoor spaces.

  • Due to the design, both users were able to get much higher over all in jumps, and better response from both weight class springs. Standing height was tad higher. Tyler easily cleared the 6 ft mark on his 110 set. Larry was too light even for 60 set but he still managed to flex the springs fine, and got to a 4 ft height

  • Both the frames and springs held up well from dozens of hours of usage.

Minuses and Suggestions:

  • Plastic Buckles - Once tight they held up fine, although to improve them, they should make them with metal parts. If you push hard down on them while you ratchet them tight, they do work.

  • Stilts do not have a stopper - when bottoming out occurs, it can cause a hit hard enough to put a small dent, and chip mark, in the support tube. We suggest keeping within the limits of the spring range and adding a rubber stopper to prevent this damage.

  • Spring Protection - Factory supplied rubber coating, or Tape would improve this model. In the meantime, we suggest you apply your own tape to protect the spring.

  • Bolts and Screws - Frequently check the bolts and screws because it works loose over time. We suggest applying lock-tite to reduce this tendancy. Another caveat is that screw heads are soft and will become stripped with automatic tools.

Bottom Line
Overall they both loved this new setup, especially the lighter overall stilts weight, and over all more responsive design. The PowerStrider Olympic - Aluminum stilts are a decent quality product, suitable for pretty much anyone looking for a pair of power stilts.

Testing notes:
  • Normal usage such as jumping and running
    Testing immediately revealed a faulty PowerStrider Spring on the 60KG set. It had red marks on it that showed small cracks from the factory. (Warranty replacement springs were tested and performed fine.)

  • Over-powering the stilts to see how the PowerStrider spring would respond
    Springs did not suddenly crack, which indicates a safe and gradual wearing of the springs, rather than an unsafe and sudden snap.

    Also it was noted, with the over power and over the max weight issue, that the support tube can give and twist some causing frame damage too, if the spring was not able to support the users full weight and power. The frame and spring held fine, no noise or weakness in the spring was found later on after this test.

  • Under-Powering stilts to test "responsiveness"
    Both users found these Springs to be very responsive compared to the older model of Poweriser springs

  • Assembly and dis-assembly for routine maintenance
    Soft screw heads used were easy to strip. We suggest carefully using non-electric tools on the stilts.

  • Testing routine hardware adjustments
    If the mounting hardware is tightened, be careful not to over tighten the support tube hardware, or the spring mounting hardware, as this can bind the frame, or even crack a spring

  • Wear and Tear performance over time
    Loosening of parts means that users should frequently check all fasteners, nuts and bolts and maybe even use Blue lock tight on then all to make sure they stay secure!

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