Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trick Spotlight: Eltovator

Named after Elton the originator of this unusual technique. The Eltovator is deemed a trick due to the difficulty of the maneuver. The user gets on the ground on there knees directly behind them. Then with a burst of energy backwards. They hurl themselves over their hooves. As the hooves pivot on the ground. They quickly stand and take a step to balance themselves.

This takes loads of practice to accomplish. We recommend you practice in the grass. As the falls forward upon failing this trick can hurt. Mainly in the wrists and knees.

But here's a basic how to once you've found yourself on the ground.

Get to the position as shown in the below videos.

Get your mind focused to do the trick. Take a couple small "practice motions" to help get ready if needed.

Lean as far back towards your hooves as you can.

We highly recommend you put both hands at the bottom of your spring and hold on. This gets your bodies weight far enough back to pivot on the springs properly when you attempt this.

As you go backwards and pivot over your hooves, Let go of the springs, stand up and step immediately forward. Other wise you'll fall.

Video here on youtube. Or head over to and check out the trick section!


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