Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DC Parkour + Testimonial Tuesday

Over the weekend, I upgraded a customer who had a tilting footplate to the Poweriser Advanced bindings and hardware. While watching people practice and perform stunts at the DC Metro Parkour Meet-up, I actually got to try out the newly upgraded stilts, and was impressed with how the tilting footplate improves running without hindering the usual moves. It took me a minute to get use to the different mobility, but as an experienced bocker it was quite easy to start running, jumping, and leaping right away. Who knows... we may see a tilting footplate on a future Poweriser model.

Testimonial Tuesday,
Reminding you that service is one of our four business foci:
"I would just like to thank you for the prompt responses and such. You conduct your business with the finest customer service I've ever received"
After a shipping mistake a customer realized he didn't have the correct order. Not only did I apologize but I let him know that we would take care of fixing the mistake. Upon learning that he would not have to worry about the mistake, he responded:
"Thanks for being an awesome dealer."
And in case you didn't notice, our business foci are:
Instruction > Sales > Service > Community

Monday, May 25, 2009

Capital Bocking USA: June 27-28, 2009

If you haven't seen dozens of people on stilts leaping, bounding, and doing acrobatics throughout an urban jungle, then you will not want to miss this: Capital Bocking USA is an annual USA meetup for powerbocking in the Capital City, Washington, DC. Experts and professional acrobats from across the country plus abroad will meet in DC for a weekend of leaps, bounds, and various challenges. Suitable for beginners+ (requires ability to walk), it's sure to be a great environment for learning a few new tricks. Click here for the event information and then RSVP if you might want to attend so that I can send you the followup information.

We could use the help of a good "ground crew", or volunteers to film and help organize some of the challenges and logistics. If you would bring a friend or want to participate without stilts, let me know!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meet Our Affiliates

I'm happy to announce that DC Power Stilts has recently established our first four affiliates who are organizing local communities and otherwise promote this exciting new sport! Let us know if you would like an affiliate to contact you.

The first DC Power Stilts Affiliates are:
  • Bacchanal Promotions (Andrew), in Auburn Hills, Michigan
  • Brian in Salinas, California
  • DJ in Davenport, Iowa
  • Larry in Fairmont, West Virginia
Learn more about the Affiliate Program.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How Can You Afford to Offer Free Lessons and Low Prices?

A customer asked this, and another asked me if I planned to stay in business long term or even into the next year. The funny thing is that both questions had the same answer. DC Power Stilts has competitive prices because we buy stilts in bulk. Powerbocking is our business, and DC Power Stilts is invested in the sport... As of mid-Spring, we have nearly a hundred pairs of spring stilts to sell. Our business is growing, and we're committed to serving customers! Our instructors actually have fun teaching people and enjoy giving them a higher perspective on things.

When doing free lessons, we keep the overhead low. As a result, if you are taking a free lesson, It will usually be with just one instructor. He may ask you to help with minor logistics such as moving a box, holding items, opening a door... it allows the lesson to be free and it saves you money.

Of course, things would go much smoother with a lesson helper. Let us know if you would like to volunteer :-)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Anime Central 2009 Bock Report!

Well sirs and ladies, ACEN 2009 has come and gone. Many a sad con goer awakes with tired sleep deprived eyes today, fully aware they had to return to their day to day routine. Can you hear the collective groan?

Well let's not fret, and look back with fond recollection!

On the Bocking side of things, the convention really got started Saturday afternoon, when myself, and XDvandalJake (I'm in the blue, he's sitting down in the picture, taken before the con) put on my bocks, and hit the street outside a MASSIVE Naruto photo gathering. We first just started warming up, bouncing this way and that, being greeted with many surprised faces, and approving shouts.

Unsure if we were going to be ejected from the convention or not, we chose this location due to it being out of sight of the main area, and Incident Response Team. By the time an IRT guard ran up, he just smiled, and we knew it was time to run off to the larger areas.

For the next few hours we picked a parking lot directly out front of the Hotels main entrance. We pulled of a ton of jumps for the hundreds, into thousands of con goers walking past us. Many a photograph was taken, tons of questions, just lots of general interest in the sport. I even let a few people try out my other set of stilts. One guy in particular impressed me greatly, he works with regular stilts, so he took to jumping almost immediately.

By the time XDvandalJake, and myself were completely bent over with exhaustion, we moved base and began walking through the crowds, towards the entrance to the Stephens Convention center, where the cons dealer room was being held. We did a few jumps for the crowd, by the large fountains, and then to walk the art gallery, and then dealer exhibits.

Due to us being indoors for the last portion, all we did was walk and I answered questions, we remained inside for a long while, until other non bocking friends of ours met up with us. In which case we headed back to the second area we bocked, and removed our stilts.

Over all it was a very fun experience, and I hope to get more PowerBockers to accompany us next year.

Check back another time for pictures of the con. if they become available to me xD

Saturday, May 2, 2009

PowerBocking at the Frieght House Market

Hello again Sirs and or Madams!

Spring weather is starting to consider taking a hold of things here in Davenport, Iowa. After getting out of work early. This bocker decided to go do some springing of his own. I took a quick run to the nearby Mississippi River. Only to discover a small flea market of sorts.

Taking the chance to promote the sport. I spent the last two hours walking through the crowds, doing kangas, pogos, split kicks, tucks, grabs and stars in clearing for any that asked. Oh did they ask!

Times like these really make you recall the thrill you yourself got your first time seeing bocks. To bad I was alone with no camera. So I cannot share pictures today. Maybe if some pop up online? I was photographed randomly quite a bit.

Again, if there are any in the area that would like a demostration please look me up.

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