Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poweriser Kids Still in Short Supply

The January Shipment came in and I was able to fulfill all of the pre-orders that have come in since Mid-December. Poweriser Kids Stilts in the USA are still in short supply, due to the US Importer not being able to get them. We are out of Red stilts for now ...

But we have a few pairs of Poweriser Kids 3050 in Blue that are ready to ship. Get your order in pronto for next business day delivery.

The factory has been ramping up production again, so we expect our early Spring shipment to be generous enough to help everyone looking at a pair of Poweriser Springs in time for spring stilts season.

On another note, the prices are about to increase on the kids stilts due to the increased cost of Aluminum raw materials. Still cost is nicely under $200.

I assume this price increase is going to affect most stilt manufacturers.

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