Monday, May 11, 2009

Anime Central 2009 Bock Report!

Well sirs and ladies, ACEN 2009 has come and gone. Many a sad con goer awakes with tired sleep deprived eyes today, fully aware they had to return to their day to day routine. Can you hear the collective groan?

Well let's not fret, and look back with fond recollection!

On the Bocking side of things, the convention really got started Saturday afternoon, when myself, and XDvandalJake (I'm in the blue, he's sitting down in the picture, taken before the con) put on my bocks, and hit the street outside a MASSIVE Naruto photo gathering. We first just started warming up, bouncing this way and that, being greeted with many surprised faces, and approving shouts.

Unsure if we were going to be ejected from the convention or not, we chose this location due to it being out of sight of the main area, and Incident Response Team. By the time an IRT guard ran up, he just smiled, and we knew it was time to run off to the larger areas.

For the next few hours we picked a parking lot directly out front of the Hotels main entrance. We pulled of a ton of jumps for the hundreds, into thousands of con goers walking past us. Many a photograph was taken, tons of questions, just lots of general interest in the sport. I even let a few people try out my other set of stilts. One guy in particular impressed me greatly, he works with regular stilts, so he took to jumping almost immediately.

By the time XDvandalJake, and myself were completely bent over with exhaustion, we moved base and began walking through the crowds, towards the entrance to the Stephens Convention center, where the cons dealer room was being held. We did a few jumps for the crowd, by the large fountains, and then to walk the art gallery, and then dealer exhibits.

Due to us being indoors for the last portion, all we did was walk and I answered questions, we remained inside for a long while, until other non bocking friends of ours met up with us. In which case we headed back to the second area we bocked, and removed our stilts.

Over all it was a very fun experience, and I hope to get more PowerBockers to accompany us next year.

Check back another time for pictures of the con. if they become available to me xD

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