Saturday, May 2, 2009

PowerBocking at the Frieght House Market

Hello again Sirs and or Madams!

Spring weather is starting to consider taking a hold of things here in Davenport, Iowa. After getting out of work early. This bocker decided to go do some springing of his own. I took a quick run to the nearby Mississippi River. Only to discover a small flea market of sorts.

Taking the chance to promote the sport. I spent the last two hours walking through the crowds, doing kangas, pogos, split kicks, tucks, grabs and stars in clearing for any that asked. Oh did they ask!

Times like these really make you recall the thrill you yourself got your first time seeing bocks. To bad I was alone with no camera. So I cannot share pictures today. Maybe if some pop up online? I was photographed randomly quite a bit.

Again, if there are any in the area that would like a demostration please look me up.

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