Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beautiful Bocking Weekend

Wow! Saturday and Sunday with nice 70 degree weather in Washington DC. AKA two great days for bocking :-) Yesterday, here in Friendship Heights, I demonstrated the power stilts and taught a doctor to have a higher perspective. Today I worked on a video project for the National Parks and Recreation Magazine, and then met up with a friend in Dupont Circle. Since he was running a little late, I decided to get some exercise and bock around for a bit. I was pretty thirsty from the video project, but I had a Gatorade stashed in my car. However, Just as I finished putting on my stilts, a Red Bull truck pulled up with free samples... It was fun. As my friend and I headed to brickskeller for a brew, I was putting something in my car when I ran into a fellow who had just finished dinner with a bottle of wine, and wanted an impromptu lesson.

After a brief lesson on my demo stilts (originally $499), he taught me & my friend how to use his $5000 Segway. I think we need to have a power stilts vs segway polo match. Amazing device, but I'll take ten pairs of stilts and some excersize with my transportation. Bocking was enjoyed and hopefuly a few more people can say they have seen power stilts in action. Thank you beautiful weekend :-)

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