Sunday, April 18, 2010

Try outs with the XD Bockers

We've had a great few weeks here in Savannah, Georgia. The XD Bockers have held weekly try outs and powerbocking meet ups. Where we have taught many interested individuals how to walk, and to start them on there way into the powerbocking world.

On one weekend, Tancy came out and tried out walking. She ended up snapping a picture of myself, and Doug before she left.

Doug gave a walking lesson to Erica. After just a little while she was up and going on her own. See it IS easy!

Finally, today at our most recent meet. We captured this video (from stilt height!) of another person learning to walk.

Overall we've had dozens of try outs, and hours of our own time out on powerstilts showing off for the crowds and answering questions. If you're local to Savannah, Georgia we encourage you to come out and give it a try!

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