Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Bock" Obama Inaugural Festivities

In less than two weeks, DC will be "the place to be" with the much anticipated Inauguration of Barack Obama. Many DC businesses will be shut down for the Inaugural Festivities, but DC Power Stilts will be OPEN!

Whether you are from DC or if you are visiting over the inaugural weekend, it will be a good time to schedule a tryout lesson. (click on >>> to select times/days.)

DC Inaugural Meetup
During the holiday weekend, we will meet and take to the inaugural route on our stilts. We will show our new leaders, and others what it looks like to take the high road (from 18" higher).

On inauguration day, imagine the crowds fighting for a view of the parade route. If only you could rise above them and see the acts and the new presidential Cadillac for yourself... DC Power Stilts will be watching the historic event from on high, spring-loaded stilts with extra mobility for the long walks and a vision for the future.

Join us and go powerbocking into history! (Contact DC Power Stilts if interested)

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