Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Visiting the National Cherry Blossom Festival on Stilts

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a wonderful event that happens in DC when the Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees bloom and surround the tidal areas of DC with breathtaking pink and white petals.

Unfortunately the spectacular scenery attracts a huge crowd and the lack of good transportation nearby makes getting around very difficult... for most.

Power stilts change the equation! Now the 4 miles around the area and up to the subway passes with the greatest of ease. The crowd becomes a moving slalom course and every unobstructed view overlooks the heads of those around.

Not to mention the fun of running and jumping in a beautiful place to the amazement and shock of lots of people. Please visit the DC Power Stilts Flickr Photo Stream for the photos I took or were of me on this fine Sunday afternoon.

Since it worked out so well, I think next year I'll organize a group of us to go down together. Mark your calendars and come to DC for the National Cherry Blossoms.

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