Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bock Report: Midwest Meet of September

This last Sunday on the 27th of September. The Midwest area had a small meetup. We all traveled to Plainfield, Illinois to get together and Powerbock, and discuss all things Powerbocking.

The local members of the XD Bockers, Chris and myself meet up with BboyVC at Renwick Skate park. We each had a 2 and half hour drive. But it ended up being well worth it. Despite the low turn out (this time).

Arriving at just after 11AM. We all checked out the park on what it had to offer.

Free public park, features: mini ramp-funbox-4ft quater- 6ft quater with declining hieght. Pyramid with down rail and ledge. Cement hips allow you to roll into the park, there are two down rail down the hips.
no running water
no electric

Strapping our Powerstilts on. We headed to a nearby basketball court to essentially warm up. After several minutes of jumping, bounding, and stretching our muscles. We headed to the park to jump off a grind box, attempt to walk along a grind rail, and to each take turns showing off tricks, and our jumping technique.

It was a real good time. For about an hour or so, split kicks, spring grabs, straddles, toe grabs, 180s, and 360s could be seen in the park. Which was surrounded by two local soccer games. After taking turns jumping off the 6 foot ramps, and attempting to vault their back guard rails.

I actually broke a stopper coming down from a split kick to toe grab. So I had to put my powerstilts up for the meet. At which point we all attempted a new method of getting off the ground unaided called the "Eltovator" (I'll get a tip guide to this soon).

Here is videos of my success.

Here is XDbockerChris

After pulling that off several times. We moved to other zany antics in the grass as shown...

BboyVC took the chance to show off his flips. He actually landed nearly all of them. Of course the videos I have are of his bails.

following that he attempted a cartwheel.

Needless to say at around 4pm we were all pretty much wearing down. Practicing that weird method of getting up turned out to be very taxing. I'd strongly urge anyone else that attempts, to try it in the grass first. The chance for injury is far greater.

After cooling off by a closed concession stand for half an hour. We all headed off to Mcdonalds for some dinner before heading our own ways back home. Overall the meet turned out to be a good time. Hopefully, with more planning our future meets will be even bigger, and better. Keep an eye here for more future announcements of meet ups, and be sure to keep an eye on the XD Bockers facebook group for more planning details.

For more details on the past event. Please check out it's official event page here.

If you are unable to view the videos. Please click the "View original post" button in the note section on facebook.

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