Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Holidays (Last minute Shipping)

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! There is nothing like watching someone you care about open up a large wrapped box on Christmas and their amazed expression as they realize they have been given an awesome pair of power stilts.
Now I want to help make that magical moment happen. I get lots of logistical questions this time of year because the moment is fast-approaching, and FedEx isn't as fast as Santa's sleigh. Our standard shipping methods are USPS and FedEx Ground. The following shows FedEx shipping time. Note that it also takes about one full business day to process and pack the order. We'll work to try to ensure fast shipping times this season.

7s Stilts (7 League Boots)/everything else by FedEx Ground
DC Power Stilts is happy to send you items using expedited delivery but the shipping cost is approximately twice the amount for FedEx 2-3x the amount for 2-day, and around 3-5x times for FedEx overnight.

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