Thursday, May 26, 2011

Newsletter: May 2011 - Spring Stilt Season

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Dear Friend,

Thank you for being part of the powerbocking community, and for your support of DC Power Stilts. We have already attended the first national bocking meetup (Bock The South) and we are gearing up for the biggest meet ever: Capital Bocking USA.

Please Join us @ Capital Bocking USA: June 24-26, 2011
Experts on stilts from across the country will again descended upon Washington DC, leaping, bounding and performing acrobatics in competition. You can join us to compete, learn, spectate or help!
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DC Power Stilts is the only business on the East Coast to offer beginner, advanced, and intermediate instruction. You can skip the awkward beginner phase, jump into impressive tricks, or get live, video analysis so your big stunts are smooth and graceful!
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Bring an Unforgettable Experience to your Next Event
DC Power Stilts can bring an unforgettable stilts try-out experience to your next event. People at your event will partner up to share a new exciting and memorable experience. 100% interactive and fun.
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Customers love us, and we strive to provide consistent 5-star service! Our goal is to offer quality goods at fair prices and upfront shipping rates to anywhere in the continental USA. We also offer free customer pickup.
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