Thursday, January 8, 2015

7s Stilts Strap Recall: Free Warrenty Replacements

It has come to our attention that several DC Power Stilts customers in the USA have been having problems with the straps that come with the 7LeagueBoot GT Cobra.  The issue is that the straps that initially came with the stilts were not made strong enough and will break / crack with normal usage. (see image to the left)

Because DC Power Stilts puts customers first, we suggest that all users of the 7s upgrade this part to the new DC Power Stilts Foot Strap Upgrade, and will be sending them out free during 2015.  All orders of the 7s stilts from 2015 onward will ship with this upgrade already installed.

The upgrade is much stronger is more comfortable, and can be installed with just a philips head screwdriver and an adjustable (or 8mm) wrench.

To qualify for the free upgrade you must:
  • Have bought your 7s Stilts directly from DC Power Stilts
  • Not have made a previous warranty claim regarding your foot straps
  • Have a US shipping address
  • Submit your information to DC Power Stilts during 2015:
    • Purchase date
    • Email address used for purchase
    • Customer name
    • Current address

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