Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recommend: PowerStrider Olympic Aluminum Stilts

DC Power Stilts officially endorses the PowerStrider Olympic (cz) - Aluminum Stilts.
"The newest, most modern stilts offer a minimalist, lightweight design that makes it more fun and less tiring to use. Innovative features have been added: The traditional 'clack' with each step has been cleverly eliminated. These are not THE perfect pair of stilts and the main downside is their higher price. They do work safely and we highly recommend them for regular bockers and first-time buyers."
-David, DC Power Stilts

While we were initially excited by the pretty look of the stilts, we were skeptical of the performance and durability of this new design. DC Power Stilts put them to their paces to see if they would hold up on a variety of real-life conditions. We of course found some room for improvement, but the stilts performed well overall.

You can put your order in at our web shop... shipping is next business day.

Thank you to everyone on my team who has provided feedback on this model, and especially to DJ for his videos and tests.

Click here for all blogs about this model, including critical reviews and some ideas for improving them.

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