Monday, October 20, 2008

7 leagueboots not competetive

Interesting... I Emailed the European manufacturer of 7 League Boots, which is a similar product to the Poweriser, but with slightly different design and spring characteristics.

It seems they aren't interested in working with an established USA dealer and perhaps are not priced competitively enough to be interested in our market...
thank you for your interest in our incredible 7leagueboot!... only jumping stilts like the original German Powerskip are allowed to be sold together with our 7leagueboot! We only accept equal products like the original Powerskip!

So we advise you that it is not possible to consider you as our 7leagueboot-trader!
I think this is just an excuse, as there's very little demand for the skips, and there aren't any businesses that could profit from just that brand. Seems like they are pretty far from being equal to the Powerskip. The stilts are twice as much as the Poweriser brand, and don't even offer the new cuffs.

I wonder if they are afraid to open a dealership in the USA? Could it be our product certifications and packaging requirements? Our culture of lawyers and insurance costs?

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