Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poweriser Luggage Road Test

This bag was road-tested at Bock NYC, and performed admirably. It has a strap for holding the stilts securely, and plating to keep them from being dinged up. is able to hold stilts, padding, clothes, and had empty room for bringing things back. The dis/advantage to this suitcase is that it's pretty large, but it's the perfect shape suitcase for our stilts. I have a very large Swiss Army suitcase/duffel that I use for skiing, and it didn't come close to being able to fit the spring stilts.

Pulling it on the wheels was ideal for walking to the train and the bus. With two sets of handles and a shoulder strap, lifting it over turnstyles and climbing up multiple sets of stairs to get out of the NYC subway was as easy as grabbing it.

Overall, the trip added a few scuffs, but this is the solution for traveling with stilts. Tip: It comes with a lock in the side pocket, but US airlines prohibit most kinds of zipper locks.

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