Monday, October 20, 2008

Bock NYC Aftermath and Report

Bock NYC Was a great success this year!! Since I was staying in midtown, I was the first to arrive at Battery Park. Everyone showed up pretty quickly and impressive vaults of the staircases and many various other tricks ensued. For most people there it seemed that someone on spring stilts was very unusual... but over a dozen people at once? Wow, only in NYC (or Boston /DC /UK...)

Anyways we went up to the courthouse with a nice set of stairs such that you could choose how big you wanted to go. A few skateboarders had set up shop but it was a good place to chill out and have lunch while watching Dawsome doing linked multiple flips.

From there we walked about 3.5 miles through most of lower Manhattan. It was mostly teeming with people going every which way but it was fun to be up above everyone else. The view is only 18 inches higher, but you feel miles above the rat race. We stopped a few places and gave roving demos of jumping and running. People definitely noticed us, and I saw alot of smiles as we passed by.

Finally we stopped in Times Square and formed a "bockers" circle. People gave us some good space as we took turns performing a crowd pleasing and traffic-clogging show for about 20 minutes. We weren't asked to leave, but as our hunger and thirst gave way, we headed back to Penn Station.

Weather was just about perfect and we didn't have any major casualties. More importantly, good times were had by all. Check out my youtube and flickr photo streams for details.

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