Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bock Spot: LeClaire Park, Davenport, Iowa.

Taking a short break from my tip series of articles. I am taking this chance to share with you. Some of the XD Bockers favorite local powerbocking spots of the Midwest. Starting close to home in the Quad Cities very own LeClaire Park.

LeClaire Park is located right on the banks of the Mississippi River as it is also located near Modern Woodmen Park. LeClaire Park hosts many summer events including River Roots Live and Ribfest

This park is situated along the "Great River Trail" a several mile bike path the stretches all along the banks of the river, across a bridge and along the Illinois side and back again. Because of this, it is excellent for long range running sessions on Jumping Stilts. I've found myself many a afternoon running from one part of the bike path to another. It's very scenic for Iowa, and offers several interesting stops along the way. (More on those spots another article!)

At the front of the park is a massive sound stage. Which at my rough guess is at least 5 and half feet tall. I find much enjoyment in running towards the stage, leaping upon it on my knees, pushing off, going out a couple feet. Jumping, and continue out a few feet, rotate in air and come back to the stage. Only to leap back up, push off and repeat in the same constant jump. It's great fun, and a super work out.

In front of the stage is a rather large flat clear area great for jumping around. I personally practice most of my in air rotations here.

Please take a moment and watch these videos of the area. Videos explain better than written words ever could! Right? Right?!

Overall I consider this spot a personal favorite, as it offers more than one type of powerbocking activity, and is close to home. It's usually not over crowded. It also offers huge grassy areas for practice.

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