Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tips for Newbies: Gaining serious height

Have you had a chance to work on your "Kangas", and "Pogos"? Can you get up from the ground alone? Have your proper safety gear strapped on? Well, let's move forward and work on getting what everyone really wants with their Powerstilts. Serious Height.

Gaining serious height
Gaining serious height takes confidence and guts. You have to commit yourself completely to it, you have to throw all your weight and not second guess yourself. I've found that utilizing a chain of all jumping techniques works best. Start with a pogo jump, go to a kanga jump, use your whole body. For best results I've always started from a run, then leaped into a kanga jump and continue leaping in a forward motion. It can be done in place, but takes practice to get the same height.
The best method I found starting out. I like to call the "Set up " which takes a series of steps.

  • 1st-You pick your spot to jump.

  • 2nd- You take a moment and breath.
  • 3rd- After you have sized up your jump. Get ready to take several steps. Act as if you're going into a run.

  • 4th, use the same technique you learned with pogoing to launch yourself in the air. As you go upward bring your arms up with you. Because you started this with a run, you'll be going up and forward, keep this in mind.

  • 5th- As you go down into a land. You'll be several feet from your "launching point" Put both feet down, into a "Kanga Land". As you land, bring your arms down hard. This will help give you an extra boost. As you get propelled back up. Bring your arms back up again. You'll end up still being propelled forward.

  • Finally- As you're up in result to your first "Kanga Jump" prepare for another land. Utilize the same techniques as before. As you come down bring your arms with you at the right moment to keep yourself going. Continue this steps for as long as you can, or as long as you'd like. To stop quickly, I found that at just learning. Instead of Kanga Landing, I could use a one footed land, or a "pogo land" to kill my jump by bottoming on one foot.

Keep in mind that those steps are going to have you jumping forward in a straight line. This is what I found to be the best method starting out. Once you get the feel of gaining big air this way. It's a lot easier to do jumps say, stationary or in other variations.

Just go at your own pace, be safe, and you'll have tons of fun. Thanks for reading these tips from you local Davenport, Iowa Affiliate.

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