Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why do you only sell certain brands of stilts?

This broken hoof is a result of a few hours of normal usage of a pair of the Chinese knock-off brand Powerizer Pro stilts. They may have changed their name to Air-Trekker, Power Strider, Flying Locust, or whatever, but design flaws and low manufacturing quality from this brand is well known and documented by numerous users. You might save a few dollars to buy a pair of these, but you'll get poor quality. Luckily, my customer was able to retrofit a pair of good Poweriser hooves in its place.

As a stilts dealer that represents bockers, I feel that stilts should be made such that they are suitable for regular usage. Because your safety rides on your stilts, only well-tested, quality products should be used.

DC Power Stilts is a small business, independent dealership, and we are able to represent any brands of stilts that we want to. Right now the best quality vs value for most users is going to be a pair of stilts from the Poweriser brand. For advanced users and professional performers, please ask me about the other alternatives. I can steer you away from bad brands and towards the good, proven products.

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XDvandalDJ said...

It's completely true. You may think you're saving money at first. But when your stilts break after only a short while and you have to stop bocking and repair them. You end up paying the same, if not more than if you would have just bought the good set.


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