Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tips for Newbies: Boing - boing

Let's get straight to it today. You ready for to get that bounce in your step? Have you already learned to walk? Well let's start into those one footed jumps, and bounces I like to call "Pogos". Continue reading to find out just what exactly "Pogo Jumping, and Bouncing" really is! Strap on those pads, helmets, and get to reading, then get up and go!

Pogo Jumping

Pogo Jumping is just what I like to call one legged jumps. It's a vital skill to learn to get yourself started in the bocking world. Now that you've learned to walk you'll want to learn to jump. But let's start with just one leg. Trust me, it's better to get this down first. Essentially a pogo jump is you putting weight down on one leg, launch yourself up, then landing on that leg and letting the spring propel you in the air and finally landing again. Shazam! pogo jump. Remember to center your weight in your heel. It really helps in balance and getting the most bounce.

Pogo Bouncing

Pogo Bouncing is really just a continued Pogo Jump. You launch yourself into a jump, land, go up, land again and continue. You do this all with one leg, you can switch legs to spice things up and help keep your balance. It's good to learn how to do it every which way. Getting this down is really great for your confidence, the fun factor and is a great way to wow your friends as you learn.

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