Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tips for Newbies: Start Tricking - Tucks

Tricking is usually what everyone wants to do straight away. When we first find out about these crazy things called Jumping Stilts. A lot of us end up searching the web, and stumble upon countless videos of other people, flipping, jumping off crazy things, and performing many different tricks on them.

It's no wonder when we finally get a set of our own. That we'd want to jump straight into pulling off all sorts of wild powerbocking tricks. Well, once you've mastered how to stand, walk, run, jump, and do it all well. Without thinking about performing each of the steps. I'd say you're ready to hop from stage 1 of learning, and go into the beginning stages of tricking. Be sure to wear your pads and helmet though! At this point it's even more vital then ever! BE SAFE.

What kind of tricks are there? Well there is countless named tricks, and there is always new ones being created. Our sport of powerbocking is still very young and accordingly, we're still learning more and more insane things to do.

A short list of basic ones would go like so:
  • Tuck
  • Star
  • Spring Grab
  • Double Spring Grab
  • Pike
  • Split Kick

Among many other variations and more advanced tricks. But let's take it slow shall we? I personally started learning the very basic trick the tuck first. Let me explain what exactly it is, and how I do it.

A tuck is basically where when you're at the top of your jump. You bring your knees towards your chest, hold them there in air as if you're "tucked" in a ball of sorts.

Tucking takes a certain amount of timing, flexibility, and technique to get down right. The longer you're able to hold one in the air the better the trick looks. Just never forget to give yourself enough time to land. At first, you'll find your tucks only being split second long. But eventually you'll master the timing and get enough height to do it right.

Be sure to keep a clear head, be calm and always just calmly grab your knees as you bring them up. Hold them towards your chest, and let go. Practice this over and over until you get it down without thinking about it. In the included photo, you can see I'm starting to come down from a tuck. As a proper one would of had very little air space in between my legs and body.

Go get practicing, and I'll explain another trick next time!

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