Monday, August 10, 2009

Tips for Newbies: Learning to run


It's time to strap on those powerstilts, stand up and take off running. Careful, you'll be moving fast in no time. (Some of us can reach 20mph!) Don't forget to wear your safety gear as you try this!

Learning to run

Now that you've gotten down pogo bouncing from one leg to another. Utilize those basic skills and learn to run. Or in bockings case more learn to bound. Running with bocks is unlike running without them. So prepare to unlearn what you know, and relearn how to on stilts.

Essentially you put weight down on one leg, launch yourself forward and land with the other. Repeat this process by quickening the pace, and lengthening your stride. It takes a while to learn, but eventually you will learn how to let the stilts propel you forward. Just remember, put your weight in your heel and talk wider and wider steps.

Want to stop? At first just stick to slowly taking closer and closer steps. But eventually start utilizing pogo bouncing to stop your momentum. The best method to stop quickly is to exert all your forward force into upward momentum in a kanga jump. But get that down as time goes on.

Well there you have yet another small tip from your local Davenport, Iowa affiliate.

1 comment:

David said...

Good advice. Don't try this before you have built some balance and confidence from walking and jumping. The other thing is to keep an eye on the ground! If you step on a leaf or other slippery/uneven spot while running you're very likely to slip and hit the ground. That's why you have to wear pads!!!


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